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The Demon Headmaster

A new musical adapted from the book by Gillian Cross

Goblin are currently developing a new musical based on THE DEMON HEADMASTER by Gillian Cross.


The story follows Dinah, who has just moved to a new school. But this is no ordinary school. The students are behaving very strangely; there’s no games, no mess, no laughter. Arts subjects have been banned, creativity banished. And it’s all watched over by the Headmaster.


Delving deeper she discovers the Headmaster, with his glowing green eyes, has the power of hypnosis. He is creating a totalitarian world where everyone does as he says- he can even control what you think. Can Dinah break the spell and free the school? Or is the Headmaster one step ahead….


“We’re not learning to think. We’re just learning to repeat things. Like robots. It looks good but it’s no use at all”.  The Demon Headmaster by Gillian Cross

The story captured the imagination of a generation growing up in the 90s, and today it is more relevant than ever- a world where creative thought is being pushed out, with theatre trips down and art subjects being slowly dismantled and relegated. And politically young people seem powerless- they are going to inherit this world and they have no voice against people doing it damage.


We have performed two work-in-progress songs at BEAM 2018, a showcase of new British Musicals, produced by Mercury Musical Development & Musical Theatre Network.  You can watch the performance below.

Music & Lyrics by Will Dollard and Mary Erskine

Book by Matt Borgatti


We are currently looking for people to help us develop the show- if you’d like to get in touch please email matt@goblintheatre.co.uk