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Let's Fly

 “Groundbreaking… dream-like… imaginative… captivates through playful dreaminess”

* * * *  - The Stage

‘Vibrant … beautiful… assured and engaging”

- Children’s Theatre Reviews


“Playful and whimsical”

- Timeout

Can you fly? Just Imagine if you could. What does your home look like when you’re as high as the birds and the aeroplanes? Or even a spaceship… let’s find out!


Emily has a secret; she knows how to fly and she wants you to come on an adventure with her. Hold her hand and soar over cities, float above oceans and glide across mountains. You’ve never seen the whole world until you’ve sat on top of a cloud.


Let’s Fly was on at Little Angel Theatre from 16 Sept – 20 Nov 2016


Directed by Samantha Lane

Music by Will Dollard and Mary Erskine

Designed by Alison Alexander


Let’s Fly is a co-production between Little Angel Theatre and Goblin


Download the original soundtrack to Let’s Fly


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