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Penguin! Elephant!

“A funny, visually expressive piece of storytelling… celebrating diversity has never been so much fun”

- The Stage

"Waddle waddle waddle, stomp stomp stomp"

Goblin’s new musical adventure for children ages 3+.


Penguin is a little bit selfish. Penguin loves fish fingers, but never shares them. Everything is black and white and that’s just the way Penguin likes it. Until one day Elephant turns up. Elephant is big. Elephant is messy. Elephant likes lots of colour everywhere. However will Penguin cope!?

With original songs, hilarious physical comedy and dance, Penguin! Elephant! is a magical new show about celebrating differences for anyone who’ve ever waddled like a Penguin or stomped like an Elephant.

The show includes a rap about Fish Fingers, some brilliant physical comedy, some food based-mess and a magical balloon ride into the winter landscape, that will have children ages 3+ jumping for joy.

Penguin! Elephant! was first performed in December 2015 at Chelsea Theatre in London. In Autumn 2016, Penguin! Elephant! went on a UK tour.


Download the original soundtrack to

Penguin! Elephant!




Music and Lyrics by Will Dollard & Mary Erskine

Directed by Jennifer Jackson

Designed by Hannah Sibai

Lighting Design by Alistair Armstrong


Illustrations © Chole Douglass