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The Pied Piper

A new family musical

Can you hear that strange music in the wind? The Piper’s Calling.


It is 100 years after the infamous visit of the Pied Piper to the village of Hamelin. It’s now the perfect village- but is it too perfect? Peta, the Mayor’s daughter, starts noticing strange things happening and decides to investigate- just who is this magical stranger in the town? Join us on an adventure about playing to your own tune as Peta uncovers the mystery of the Piped Piper.


The world of The Pied Piper is vividly brought to life with new songs and music, performed live by actor musicians supported by a talented young ensemble from the local community.


Saturday 8 Dec 2018 to Sunday 30 Dec 2018 at Cornerstone, Didcot


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Book by Matt Borgatti

Music & Lyrics by Will Dollard & Mary Erskine

Directed by Andy Barry


Produced by Cornerstone in association with Goblin